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Get to know The Rebirth. Return of the After-Six Mix:

Friday, March 6th, 6PM EST.

The ASM is a show I used to do when I worked with the Armed Forces is Radio & Television network (AFRTS). I would later revise the show during my Clear Channel days. It's a one-hour, weekly spotlight during which I'll feature some of my favorite mixes, interviews, new music, new artists, and ideas.

On our debut edition, I'll give you a chance hear part one of the Valentine's Day special, Phases of Love: Infatuation; in case you missed it. I'll also be speaking with Baskerville Jones and Loslito, of the group, the Rebirth. Their album, released this month is called, "Being Through the Eyes of a Child".

Sype ID: Smooth.Soul.

Ready to start listening?  Press play, and enjoy!


New Releases:

2015 has been a fabulous year for new music. Visit our new release page see what we'e added.



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