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For people who enjoy jazz and soul.

Hear the ladies sing all Spring!

Who is your favorite female vocalist? Give us a call on skype, week nights from 7-9 PM (EST) and tell us all about her.

Sype ID: Smooth.Soul.

Ready to start listening?  Press play, and enjoy!


New Releases:

Old friends; new sounds. James Lloyd from Pieces of a Dream, and Chris Japser, formerly of the Isley Brothers. Plus: U-Nam collaborates with lady saxter, Shannon Kennedy on an old favorte. Get the whole story and check out our reviews on the new release page.
   James Lloyd                     Chris Jasper              Groove LTD.
Coming Very Soon:

It's almost like a celebration of my own personal jazz roots. I began listening to David Sanborn, at a time when I didn't know who Marcus Miller was, but he was there (Voyeur, As we Speak). Later, along with everyone else, I would discover Boney James.  They all have new music coming out in the coming weeks. Check back with us on the release dates indcated for each.

     Afrodeesia                 Time and the rivr             Futuresoul
    March 17th                     April 7th                      May 4th

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