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Summer is over, but the transition into  fall is no quick-change. We'll transition smoothly, with simultaneous hot and cool flashes. The result: just right (like musical porridge). For example:


Kenya's hot, but not just that kind of hot. I mean musically hot. She's the fine-assed sister next door, with a serious band dropping mad work on each track. Find her in the rotation.


It doesn't get much cooler than Ronnie Laws. I finally replaced my vinyl copy of Every Generation. Now, I've got the Ronnie Laws trifecta Flame, Friend and Strangers, and Every Generation. I've got lots more in my collection, but these are truly vintage. I've got a cool story I'll tell you about Ronnie Laws one of these days. Until then, look for him in the rotation. Definitely...cool.    
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                             skype id: johnmarcus

New Releases:

 A veritable "who's who" pays tribue to Nina Simone.
If you can't remember Buff Dillard, can you remember Mr. Bonejazz?
Janet, still kinky, says you wont' get no sleep. I wonder why.
Drummer, James "PJ" Spraggins teams up with Melvin Miller, Eric Essix, and Frank McComb (yes, it sounds as good as it sounds)..
Cabo Frio is back with some very impressive tracks, on "Dreamin'".
..and my girl, Lindsey Webster has the song that remains stuck in my head, "Fool me once".  

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