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We're sizzling smooth all summer!

June is Black Music Month. Take part in our month long discussion, all you need is a skype account. Be ready to discuss our redhot topic: "What does it mean to be black?", and more.  Keep listening for all the details.

We're Hotter in July: We'll profile some of the sexiest smooth soul ladies, an turn up the smooth by unveiling our mid-year candidates for albm of the year.

All Cool August. For the entire month, we're going strictly jazz. Let's see if we can cool down the hottest month of the summer by putting you in a "chilled" state of mind.

Sype ID: Smooth.Soul.

Ready to start listening?  Press play, and enjoy!


New Releases:

New music is in from the Sax Pack,
Bob Baldwin,
Bluey Maunick,
Kirk Whalum,
Theresa Grayson, and more. 

Get the whole story, including our  reviews and Vibe Rates on the
new release page.

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