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For people who enjoy jazz and soul.

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The Spring into Summer Musical Marathon.

This could be the most exciting idea since the beginning of exciting ideas, and you know what the first exciting idea was, don't you? It was either fire or sex. Maybe fiery sex.

We are doing a maarthon that will begin now, here, in the spring. And, it keep going right through the summer. More music than any other station. Furthermore, we're doing it alphabeticly. That means we're creating our playlist by moving through the alphabet.
First pass, we'll select one song fom each letter of the alphabet. You should also keep in mind that his is the MP3 alphabet, so instead of under the letter J, you would find Al Jarreau under the letter A. Roy Ayers, on the other hand would not be under A, but under the letter R. Spyro-Gyao would be under S, and Kenny G would be under K.

Second pass, we select two songs for each letter, and continue on. theree, then four, then....summer! Currently, the playlist consists of our first three passes. If you have anything at all that you'd like to hear, please contact me personally. I swear it will be done.

You can also reach me on skype. That is smooth.soul. Using skype, it's a free call. You can call from anywhere,and might hear yourself on the worldwide radio. Can you call Pandora? Maybe, but she won't answer.

That's cause Pandora isn't a real person.
The Pleasure is all yours!

Finally, the music of one of the most important R&B bands from this century is now availablein the CD format. We are very proud to present to you: the music of Pleasure! Another hot piece of the springy summer rotation.
The LIVE 365 Player Window:

Smooth Soul Radio is hosted by LIVE 365, the largest internet radio provider in the world. In this window, you can rate each song as it plays, by giving it a "thumb's up" or a "thumb's down", you can add this or any other station to your presets, and you can rate the station overall. Initially,this will be your primary means of giving us your feedback.  Even aftr all other mchanisms are in place, the window wil be there as the first-option interface.

Just a couple of cicks away.  Press play, and enjoy!

John Marcus
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