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For people who enjoy jazz and soul.

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What's New.

In 2012, Gerald Albright joined forces with guarist, Norman Brown, but his last solo album was 2010's Pushing the Envelope. It's good to have the Memphis saxman back in the front seat for one of his best albums overall, Slam Dunk

Ragan Whiteside has been consistently smooth since first comin out the box with Class Axe, in 2007. This year, she's got the music (and apparently, her physique, as well in Quantum Drive. Love the cat suit  :)

Euge Groove is someone you can always depend on to deliver the funk, but not too funky. I guess that's why they call it the Groove, and he's doing what he's got to do in his latest: Got 2 B Groovin'.
 Al Jarreau is one of our original core artists. is latest, My Old Friend, is a tribute to George Duke. The two of them worked together very early in each of their careers. Mr. Jarreau shows that he still has lots of heat on the old fastball.

I've always introduced Rihard Elliott as a former member of Tower of Power. It's true. One day soon, we'll haveto explore which T.O.P. albums he played on. For his latest, Lip Service, Elliott has joined forces with former Boney James producer, Paul Brown and the result is sax-tacular.

Speaking of Paul Brown, he's been a busy man. In addition to producing Richard Elliott's album, he's also found time for one of his own. And, Truth Be Told, this guy is greatly under-rated. Goahead and see what  mean, in the rotation.
You can also reach me on skype. That is smooth.soul. Using skype, it's a free call. You can call from anywhere,and might hear yourself on the worldwide radio. 

The Pleasure is all yours!

Finally, the music of one of the most important R&B bands from this century is now availablein the CD format. We are very proud to present to you: the music of Pleasure! Another hot piece of the springy summer rotation.
The LIVE 365 Player Window:

Smooth Soul Radio is hosted by LIVE 365, the largest internet radio provider in the world. In this window, you can rate each song as it plays, by giving it a "thumb's up" or a "thumb's down", you can add this or any other station to your presets, and you can rate the station overall. Initially,this will be your primary means of giving us your feedback.  Even aftr all other mchanisms are in place, the window wil be there as the first-option interface.

Just a couple of cicks away.  Press play, and enjoy!

John Marcus
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