Smooth is not  something you go to sleep to.
You wake up to smooth.

Smooth is in your walk.

Smooth is a way to interact with others.

Smooth is a proper heartbeat for a soul.

We're dynamic when we're smooth. We create.

We don’t always have to dance. 
Sometimes, music is best when you just listen. 

Like they say: life is short, so...

There is no time to waste on music that is any less than...exceptional.

What is Smooth Soul?

Jazz and soul. 

That's where the name comes from:  smooth and soul…
Smooth is for the jazz, and soul is for unparalleled variety of R&B/soul that we play. 

I've always envisioned Urban radio evolving into something very much like this format. The KBLS and WBLS Quiet Storm format, for starters. It's alright that we've taken a slight detour with "hip-hop" along the way.   It's only a matter fo time. Substance will eventually supersede quantity. 

Smooth Soul celebrates original​ music; music that was created, from scratch, by musicians, not by samplers, mixers, or other dealers of second-hand material.

​Creating music is hard. Sampling music is easy. To me, there is a very distinct difference. 

 Jazz and soul come  from the same place (often played by the same musicians). They belong together. Can you imagine? Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Franks, Jill Scott, all on the same station?

​You don't need to imagine. Just listen.

​Jazz and Soul...

Together, we (jazz and soul) create an environment that is smooth to your soul.