Smooth is not  something you go to sleep to.
You wake up to smooth.

We're dynamic when we're smooth. We create.

We don’t always have to dance. 

Sometimes, it's good to just listen. 

Like they say: life is short, so...

we are the music for every moment of your life.

What is Smooth Soul?

A lifetime of music. 

Two words:  smooth and soul…
Smooth is for the jazz, and soul is for the...well, the soul. 

I've always wanted a radio station that combined these two genres. They come from the same place, and so they belong together. Can you imagine? Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Franks, Jill Scott, all on the same station. 

​Jazz and Soul. 

Together, we (jazz and soul) create an environment that is smooth to your soul.