This Week: Stevie Wonder

Earth, Wind, & Fire (the elements): Sept. 30th

George Duke: October 7th  

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The Fall Classic.

We're the jazz station with a heart of soul. And, this fall, we're honoring some of my favorite timeless classics.

Week 1, Luther Vandross. Arguably the greatest male vocalist of our generation. From his early days with the group, Change, to his longtime collaboration with jazz bassist, Marcus Miller.

Week 2, The Isley Brothers.  You could say they were the Black Rolling Stones, but  you could also say the Rolling Stones were the European version of the Isleys. Special guest: Chri Jasper.

Week 3, Stevie Wonder.From child prodigy to worldwide superstar. Stevie's music did much more than represent any particular generation. It was here long before many of us, and it will continue to be here, long after we're all gone.  Now, that's what I call "classic".

Week 4, Earth, Wind, & Fire. Maurice White, Phillip Bailey, and the EWF horns redefined what it means to create popular music. They were the voice of my generation, but like Stevie, many of their songs will be around for our great, great, grandchildren's kids to enjoy.